Minor in Possession: Columbia, SC

Juvenile Crimes, MIP

MIP LawyerIt seems just about every weekend, the need arises for a Minor in Possession attorney in Columbia, SC. Whether someone you know gets busted in Five Points or the Vista or nearby Williams-Brice on Gameday on Minor in Possession attorney in Columbia, SC. But on top of this issue being, what seems as of the utmost importance to the Columbia Police Department, the consequences of being charged and found guilty of being in the possession of alcohol, if one is under the age of 21, are staggering.

Consequences of a MIP in Columbia, SC

Being found guilty of Minor in Possession Charges could:

  • Jeopardize your current situation
    • Result in your being suspended or expelled from school
  • Hurt your future
    • Limit your educational options which could:
      • Reduce your chances of finding employment, or reduce your choice of career fields because of an arrest record
  • Face legal repercussions such as:
    • Jail time
    • Community service
    • Monetary fine

If Facing These Charges (Or Other Juvenile Crime Charges):

It is extremely important that you contact an attorney who will fight for your future as soon as possible. We want to prevent a juvenile offense from having life-changing effects and long-term consequences. If you or your child are facing a minor in possession charge in Columbia, SC, please let us help you by giving you more information.


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